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How has the art market reacted to changing trends in femdom art?

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The art market’s reaction to femdom art –– paintings, photographs, and sculptures that explore female-led power dynamics –– reveals an evolving perspective on gender norms and female sexuality. Femdom art is gaining increasingly mainstream acceptance even as the social politics surrounding female empowerment remain fraught.

In the early 2000s, femdom art was largely relegated to appreciators of niche art forms. These works often featured nude models in various BDSM-themed scenes and had to lean heavily on shock value to gain appreciation. During this time, female-led power dynamics were still looked upon with fierce scrutiny and staunch opposition, meaning access to femdom art was limited.

In recent years, the art world has grown increasingly comfortable exploring and appreciating femdom art. As fights for the advancement of women and their rights –– particularly the #MeToo movement –– have become more prominent, there has been a rise in platforms specifically dedicated to femdom art.

One example of a platform that has pushed the to mainstream is Sub-Mission, an art collective launched in 2017 featuring femdom artwork from various established and emerging artists. With the tagline “Come As You Are: Queer, Femme, Feminist and Fierce, the collective brings to the forefront art exploring gender, sexuality, and power dynamics in a way that is both accessible and engaging.

Femdom art is also creating avenues for intersectional art exploration, as works explore issues of race, class, and sexuality. Art galleries around the world have hosted exhibition showcasing work by femdom artist, including Los Angeles-based Vain Gallery, which featured an exhibition in 2019 dedicated to black femdom art.

Femdom art has also been embraced by the fashion and music industries. Katy Perry’s music video for “Hey Hey Hey featured devils in femdom-inspired costumes, and the magazine Off the Rails featured femdom art on its popular annual cover. Designers such as Miu Miu and Valentino have also been jumping on the femdom trend, producing entire collections that looked to femdom art for inspiration.

While the mainstream acceptance of femdom art is a positive step in the right direction, there is still much progress to be made, especially when it comes to the empowering women and their voices. But it’s clear that femdom art doesn’t have to be relegated to niche art forms anymore, and it is now embraced as an important and thrilling topic of exploration. Learn more.

What tools are necessary for a successful femdom foot worship session?

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As anyone who’s interested in femdom foot worship knows, it’s a complex and deeply intimate experience that requires a combination of patience, trust and the right tools. Obtaining the necessary items for a successful session can be a daunting task — but don’t worry! Here, we’ll provide an overview of the items and techniques you’ll need to have an amazing feet-worshipping session that you’ll both be able to enjoy.

To start off, you’ll need some basic tools. First and foremost, a comfortable pillow or mat will be needed for both the submissive and dominant to kneel upon. This both adds comfort to the session, and also keeps the two in a comfortable, mutual upright position. Additionally, various lotions or oils can be used to make foot massage and worship easier — and smoother. Talc powders help eliminate lubricant sticking, while fragrant oils or lotions can help set the mood.

Next, having a few props can make a big difference in creating a unique and thrilling femdom feet worship experience. Foot fetish chains, for example, are a great way for the submissive to ‘connect’ with the feet of the dominant. They come in different shapes, lengths and materials, and provide a physical sensation for the submissive that lends an added level of intimacy. Additionally, a stiletto or other type of high heel can greatly enhance the feeling of worship and submission.

Finally, there are a few techniques that will come in handy during any femdom feet worship session. Begin with some gentle massaging of the feet, using oil or lotion. This not only feels nice for the feet, but helps the submissive become more relaxed and in tune with the dominant’s body. From there, start to move upwards and massage around the ankles, then calves and legs. This is an especially great way to physicalize and commemorate the feet worship.

Femdom feet worship is a unique experience that requires a certain combination of tools to make it a success. To ensure the most satisfying session, make sure to have comfort items like a pillow and lotions, clutching objects like foot fetish chains, and props like stilettos. Along with some basic massage techniques, these tools are more than enough to create a dynamic and fulfilling feet worship session.

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